Interior Architecture

At working drawings stage we identify the expansive or superfluous components and details and integrate them seamlessly in terms of architectural details saving your costs. We have achieved finished houses @ 400 per sq ft.

Industrial & Institutional

We have saved resources and delivered energy and resource efficient campuses for Rawal Educational and Cultural Society, KL Mehta Dayanand College for Women, Aveejay (Fazilka) & ITM (Maharajganj). Also Industrial houses like Action Construction Equipment, Reliablediesel Engineers, Sunshine Tube Tech, ASM Peecee Castings, Omega Group and, EPC like Angelique International and Mahashakti Energy.

Our concept approach

Every space is different. Every structure has its unique reason for existing.We might produce a thousand ideas before arriving at the perfect one for a project or client. It’s a necessary part of the creative architectural process and one that we take seriously. Here’s how we do it:

  • Start simultaneously with whole to part and part to whole methods.
  • Create a plan using serial matrix of vastu shastra.
  • Use beeline servicing methods to save costs.
  • Play with masses and voids in 3 dimensions.
  • Document everything in vicinity for ecosystem.
  • Identify spatial zoning for exquisiteness.
  • Intermingling of open and closed spaces keeping into view sun and wind paths.
  • Morphogenesis in economical structural grids.
  • Keeping scope for future possible vertical and horizontal expansions.
What extra do we offer in Sketches?
  1. Vaastu Point.
  2. Perfect Proportions.
  3. Balance of open spaces and covered areas.
  4. Planning with more peripheral spaces.
  5. Combination of whole to part and part to whole methods.
  6. Saving of waste circulation spaces/virtual corridors.
  7. Climatic Architecture and orientations.
  8. Ideal Location of Staircase and Kitchen.
  9. Clubbing of Toilets.
  10. Segregation from Neighbors.
What extra do we offer in Building Plans?
  • Clarity of Drawing by delineation.
  • Consistence of built forms so as to attract minimum penalty.
  • Proper approval within stipulated parameter.
  • Sketch to be perfectly finalized before application.
  • Best area utilization within parameter of bylaws.
  • Best projection optimization with respect to climatic control.

What extra do we offer in Working Drawings?

  • 1. Structural safety and Economy by gridline systems and articulated beams.
  • 2. Balance economy and Functional utility of Windows with climatic responsiveness.
  • 3. Optimize electrical costs by beeline wiring and box positions.
  • 4. Minimize Piping Costs by beeline water supply and manhole positions.
  • 5. Easy constructional understanding of the contractor by self-explanatory drawings.